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  • Is the support availabe 24*7
    Yes the support is availabel 24*7. Call us at 1-855-698-3543 (Toll Free)
  • What devices and softwares do you cover ?
    If it is related to technology it will be covered by one of our techs.
  • What types of problems do you fix?
    You can get solutions for almost any tech problem via remote technical support. In case it needs further intervention you can arrange a tech to visit you physically. Please be advised some zip codes or postal codes may not be covered for home support.
  • Are your Tech Pros really experts?
    Being an open platform you will be connected to the tech that has been vetted and expertise for your specific problem. They go through rigorous hiring and training processes and receive robust coaching and mentoring and have hands-on learning experiences.
  • How do I cancel my subscription ?
    You can cancel your subscription by calling us at 1-855-698-3543 (Toll Free) or sending us email at
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